You had to get out and hustle. People were making fun of me and laughing because I was out hustling records.
— Jay King

Jay King is a Grammy Award winning, platinum selling singer, songwriter and producer-who also happens to be the founder and member of Club Nouveau.  He has ushered in some of Billboard's highest selling hits such as "Rumors", "Lean On Me" and "Situation #9". King created a new chapter in music by independently producing, pressing, marketing and promoting the biggest selling 12 inch single in history.  His latest project "Helen's Son", is no different. Titled after his mother Helen Bridges, who passed away on Jay's 45th birthday, King celebrates and embodies her spirit through meaningful lyrics and music that calls for inner peace. He has effortlessly turned story into song and life into music with the title track, "Helen's Son".  And it appears that Jay continues to possess the midas touch because his hit song, "Good Kinda Lovin" has topped charts in the UK.

Preview King’s most recent album “Helen’s Son” below, available on all music platforms including Spotify, Itunes, Tidal and more.